Southview grads come home to tell our story!

Throughout the year, Southview alumni return home to visit their alma mater, but rarely do they do so as Ruth Chang, Logan Sander, and Sam Chang have. These three ambitious former Cougars have returned from Ivy League educations to tell the story of Toledo and the Midwest, a project expressed through their non-profit organization called MidStory.

MidStory seeks to cultivate a voice for Toledo and the surrounding areas that will speak our value to the rest of the world through digital media, community engagement, and research.

Ruth, Logan, and Sam visited Southview to invite our students to join their team through a mentorship program being run this summer for six weeks. Students in this ThinkLab will build skills in modern storytelling and engagement that will serve them in a variety of post-secondary paths. Southview juniors and seniors attended a lunchtime discussion with the MidStory folks to hear about the mentorship program. Many left with full intention to apply.

We are thrilled to maintain connections with our graduates as they build innovative and noble projects like MidStory, concrete proof of the value Southview graduates bring with them as they leave our halls.


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