Not Horsing Around

Two Southview student-athletes don’t compete for varsity letters, but they have been recognized by US Equestrian for their dedication to riding and jumping horses. US Equestrian honors students who have prepared for competitions through training and practice sessions similar to students in other athletic programs, and Junior Abby Kalniz and Sophomore Brooke Leininger have been riding horses for over 10 years.  Both have far exceeded the required 100 hours of training and three competition minimum.


Photo Credit: Diana Hadsall (this image and the featured image)

Abby competes with two horses in two different events, and she is a member of the Michigan Hunter Jumpers Association (MHJA).  Judging for the Junior Hunter competition is based on the horse, while judging for the Equitation competition is based on the rider as she guides the horse over fences and through obstacles.  Abby has competed from Traverse City, Michigan to Kentucky and is considering a competition in Florida.


Photo Credit: Ken Martin

Brooke is part of the Arabian Horses Association (AHA) and competes with three different horses in the Western, Hunter, and English disciplines.  Judging for Equitation competitions is based on the rider’s form and patterns, and the Pleasure competitions are based on the rider’s ability to make the horse look good.  Brooke competes in a region comprised of Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, and Kentucky. Brooke hopes to perform well enough to advance to national-level competitions in the future.


Photo credit: Danielle Crawford

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