Mr. Clarkson Leads AP Capstone in Writing Instruction

Southview is one of only a handful of schools in Northwest Ohio participating in the AP Capstone program. Students in the program are required to complete AP Seminar and AP Research, which are both offered through the science department.  The courses train students to collaborate with each other to investigate a variety of topics and propose solutions to real problems before preparing a 4,000-word essay about their own independent research. Because the coursework is so communication intensive, AP Capstone teacher Blythe Tipping recently invited current assistant principal and former English teacher Alex Clarkson to be a guest teacher.

Mr. Clarkson taught honors English at Southview for 10 years, so Mrs. Tipping decided to enlist his help with some of the finer points of writing instruction.  Mr. Clarkson’s lesson honed students’ skills in concision and writing in the active voice. He said, “Argumentation matters. We want you to learn to write powerful communication that will make your audience listen to you.”  As part of the practice, students were led through a series of authentic examples, in which they were challenged to improve upon sentence structure in academic writing. Students were highly engaged and seemed eager to dive into their current papers to begin editing immediately.

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Thank you, Mr. Clarkson, for bringing your passion and expertise to one of Southview’s unique programs.

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