There’s a First Time for Everything

For all but one Northern Lakes League school, football season is over. Ditto volleyball, golf, soccer, and just about every other Fall sport. If it weren’t for the flood-like conditions in the greater Columbus area that postponed the OHSAA cross-country championship, their season would be over as well. That leaves one more Fall sport that doesn’t always get their own day to shine. That is until yesterday. At Northview High School in front of a boisterous crowd, the NLL sponsored the inaugural Cheerleading Championship. The Freshman, JV, and Varsity squads from each of the eight NLL schools squared off against one another in three categories: sideline, cheer, and fight song. Some schools performed to music, others stunted, and each had a distinct routine that made the morning championship very entertaining. There was also a jump-off competition and the YMCA mini-cheer teams performed to the delight of the fans.

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As the judges tallied the scores, two athletes from each varsity team were presented with leadership awards (Cali Leiby and Jessica Potter), and every senior cheerleader with a 3.0 cumulative GPA was recognized. The Cougars had six student-athletes achieve this standard (Griffin Barros-King, Erica Cline, Cali Leiby, Jessica Potter, Nia Snelling, and Kathryn Urrutia). When it was all over, Springfield High School won one of the varsity categories and Perryburg High School won two categories and was crowned the 2018-19 NLL Cheerleading Champion. Although the trophy isn’t coming to Southview this season, our cheerleaders and coaches should be congratulated for initiating this competition.


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