A Funeral for Andrew Jackson

Mr. Fritz’s AP US History class continued the tradition of eulogizing important figures from American history.  Today’s funeral was in honor of Andrew Jackson, Old Hickory.  

Given the divisive nature or our 7th president, it wasn’t surprising that both friend and foe (perhaps more foes than friends) were on hand to speak about the deceased statesman.  Historically relevant dates and events came to life as the students embodied the figures who lived them firsthand.  Costumes, accents, and props aided impassioned speeches as the class emitted laughter and jeers.  The students embraced their historical figure’s relationship with Old Hickory and chose to punctuate their speeches by either laying flowers on his grave or, in some cases, spitting on his grave.  Regardless of their figure’s assessment of Andrew Jackson’s presidency, all students gained a deeper understanding of pre-Civil War America through the power of role-playing.

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