It’s a 3D world in Mr. Eschedor’s class!

Southview offers a wide variety of exciting career tech programs, and Darrel Eschedor leads one from the cutting edge of career options: Visual Communication Design. Students in this program learn to use high-powered software and hardware to create 2D and 3D visual elements that would be required of professionals in graphic design, 3D animation, CGI artistry, and more. But on this day, students not yet in the program get a taste of it in 3D Game Design, a course that provides a glimpse of the full program.

3D Game 1.jpg

On this day, students in 3D Game Design are working on textures for their humanoid figures in MudBox software. Students design figures that range from average, everyday folks to strange aliens. They pull textures from other images to wrap the figures and create stunning effects. In the following week, they will animate the figures, breathing life into their creations.

3D Game 2.jpg

Students here will work in this virtual 3D world for the rest of the year, giving shape to their imagination and learning what it might take to do so as a career.



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