It’s been a Banner Year for SV Winter sports teams

Banner posterBBK bannerSwim bannerThe platform lift is going to get a work out after the winter sports season concludes. What does that mean, you ask? Let me count the ways

1 Boys Basketball: NLL Champion and Sectional Champion and ??? (still playing)

2Competitive Cheer: OASSA State Competition (3rd – mount)

3Cougarettes: OASSA State Competition (4th – pom; 6th – jazz; 11th – hip hop)

4Girls Basketball: Sectional Champion and NLL runner-up

5Ice Hockey: Ottawa Park Tournament Champion and NHC White Division runner-up

6Indoor Track: 4×400 relay team (12th in State Meet)

7Swim and Dive: Boys: NLL Team Champion, NLL Diving Champion, 5 All-Ohio swimmers; Girls: NLL runner-up

So let this be a thank you in advance to the Southview custodians who will be giving the platform lift a work out when updating the banners in the Schwemley Fieldhouse.


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