Evan Zorovich-Long Soars in The Nutcracker

*Featured image photo credit to Patrick Wolff

A little over five years ago, Evan Zorovich-Long’s mother won a ticket for a free ballet class.  Instead of using it herself, she asked nine-year-old Evan to give it a shot.  Reluctantly, he obliged. As Evan describes it, by the time the first lesson was over, he was hooked.  

Evan Sandusky

It didn’t take long until he was performing challenging material.  He recently finished another season of The Nutcracker with the Ballet Theater of Toledo.  On the famed Valentine Theater stage in downtown Toledo, Evan reprised his role as Fritz, one of the holiday classic’s main characters.  Evan is the youngest in the company to have performed in The Nutcracker.

In order to continue his rapid progression, Evan practices about two or three hours per day.  When there is an upcoming performance, the company may use the weekends to rehearse for up to seven hours a day.  So what keeps a teenager so dedicated to his art? Evan says, “Ballet is really fun and a good way to exercise.  It’s challenging, and you’re always learning new stuff.”  In the not-so-distant future, Evan would like to join a professional dance company.  He has his sights sets on San Francisco or the The English National Ballet.   


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