Fall Play is Heavy…with Talent

A trio of one acts comprise this year’s fall play.  The Holocaust-themed works are having a powerful impact on audiences, as evidenced by the occasional gasped reactions.  The two-night event is characteristic of Mrs. Shepard’s modus operandi of using theatrical performances in a didactic nature, and I certainly felt simultaneously informed and entertained.

The incredible performances delivered in each play helped to transport the audience members to various moments in one of the darkest hours in human history.  Time and again, I overheard parents and community members comment on a variation of the same theme:  It is hard to believe those are students portraying such mature characters and such morose material.  In particular, the performances of Ashley Le, Liza Ryutov, and Mikey Ragusa seemed to extend them well beyond their experiential or emotional maturity.Cast Fall 2017

The action is both captivating and shocking as we, the audience members, follow the plight of the Jewish concentration camp prisoners and explore the convictions of the German officers and commandantes. In both cases, the acting of this talented cast lends dimensionality to these sometimes flat or stereotypical characters.  Bravo!

There is still time to see it for yourself.  The last performance is tonight (Saturday) at 7:30.  You will not be disappointed.


One Comment Add yours

  1. Janice Menzie says:

    Really well done. Took my breath away.


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