The Sylvania Chamber of Commerce knows excellence when it sees our students.

On Wednesday, the Sylvania Chamber of Commerce recognized Southview freshman Killian Cannon as one of three Students of the Month, along with Grant Harnett, a sophomore from Northview. Killian comes to Southview with an impressive record of academic achievement from McCord, but he also brings with him experience in McCord’s Heroes program, a junior high servant leadership initiative. The Chamber recognized his efforts with rousing applause.

Following Superintendent Adam Fineske’s celebration of Killian and Grant, UT Professor Clinton Longenecker addressed the audience about crucial qualities of innovation and leadership. Often, he walked over to the Sylvania Schools table and referred to the qualities demonstrated by Killian and Grant to demonstrate his points. “I wanna hang with you guys!” he announced.


The feeling here at Southview is mutual, but fortunately, we get to do that every day as Killian delivers soil presentations in Agriculture and Environmental Systems, competes in wrestling, and marches with the band. The best part? We have him for three and a half more years!


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