4T x 6H = Algebra I Success

At Southview, our teachers are always looking at the data from yesterday to plan for tomorrow. Such was the case when four Algebra teachers: April McGough, Melissa Tusing, Kara Curran, and Nate Keiper, left their classes for the day to collaborate on Algebra I materials. These teachers took detailed data from the past two years of Ohio State Tests in Algebra I to see where Southview students perform well, where they struggle, and where they can grow. The work involved examining the tests question-by-question, checking the scores of testing groups, and collecting those results to provide focus to building the Algebra I curriculum at Southview. Much of that work was dedicated to building digital test items that can help students not only master the content, but also make them more comfortable with digital testing.

The building of digital materials focuses Mrs. Tusing and Mrs. Curran.

The students in our Algebra I classes may have lost their teachers for a day, but that loss is minor compared to the benefit as class activities roll out that address their needs and build mastery in crucial areas. This teacher collaboration and leadership from Southview teachers will continue next week when Geometry teachers take their turn.


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