Knowles is back in Script Ohio!

At Southview, teachers love what they do. Some of them, though, live it. Band director Ali Knowles is one of those driven teachers. An OSU alum, Ali brings her experience from “The Best Damn Band in the Land” to her musicians, but this past weekend, she brought it back to Columbus.

Mrs. Knowles, a 2004 OSU graduate, participated in the 2017 OSU Marching Band Alumni reunion, featuring about 600 alumni (one of whom was 99 years old) returning to the “Shoe” to play for thousands of fans. The audience got to hear the seasoned musicians play a pregame show and return to the field for a halftime performance called “The Journey West,” during which Mrs. Knowles joined in the north section of Script Ohio. The weekend was made all the sweeter with the Buckeyes’ win over UNLV 56-21.

Probably a bit tough to see Ali, but give it a shot, anyway!

It makes all of us at Southview proud to know that our teachers can bring their passion for their content area to the classroom or practice field. Mrs. Knowles’ continued musicianship and performance make the Cougar Marching Band that little bit more special.


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