Sophia Howard Takes Aim at Impressive Achievement

Freshman Sophia Howard began her competitive archery career at age nine, but she started shooting arrows much earlier.  Her dad bought her first bow when she was only two years old.  Now, she competes at state and national events and hopes to compete internationally one day. Competing in archery tournaments has led Sophia to travel as far away as Alabama, but she hopes to go even further.

Recently, Sophia has been on an incredible run.  She went undefeated in both the indoor and outdoor archery seasons for the State of Ohio.  At the outdoor event, she captured the gold medal in the cadet division.  Although she was eligible to compete in the cub division as a fourteen year old, she enjoys the challenge of “shooting up a division.”

Sophia Howard - Archery 2
Sophia and her coach, Jason Pfister, at the outdoor state competition, where she won gold.

Sophia’s success is not limited to the state level.  She has also placed first at the indoor nationals and second at the outdoor nationals, and these are events that typically draw about 60 to 70 girls in each class.  At her most recent world trial, she finished in a respectable 9th place.  Unfortunately, only the top eight finishers advanced to the world competition in Argentina.  Sophia remains undaunted, and is considering competing at a world-level competition a little closer to home in Las Vegas, NV.  May the odds be ever in your favor, Sophia!


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