SV Athletes join the NLL Leadership Conference

Approximately 50 student-athletes from the NLL were invited to attend a leadership conference at Ward Pavilion in Wildwood Metropark.  The topic was sportsmanship.  The day was motivated partly by a desire to teach students how to compete with integrity and partly in response to what has become a referee shortage for several high-profile sports.  The students participated in ice-breakers and trust activities, but the the day’s most important takeaways were deep dives into their personal values and investigations into what allows them to compete at their best.

Southview was represented by Jane McHugh, JT Metzinger, Abigail Mann, Brayton Schmidt, Jacob Spurgeon-Hess, and Maya Topoleski.  Most agreed that they were apprehensive about the day until they started meeting and interacting with other athletes from around the league.  During one particular exercise, the group was tasked with defining sportsmanship.  The Cougars collaborated to produce a definition–sportsmanship is being competitive while also having respect and compassion to your team and your opponents.

Nobody wins them all, but today was certainly a victory for friendly competition and good sportsmanship.     

NLL Full Group
Student-Athletes from all eight NLL teams

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