The lab is open!

It’s day eleven for the 2017-2018 school year, and we’re in full swing at Southview. That means our common lab area is hopping with activity! While some schools include lab facilities in science classrooms, we take a communal approach to experimentation. Our science classrooms attach to an expansive lab space shared by all. Four classes can run experiments comfortably in the same period, and that creates a flurry of energy as students hone their critical thinking skills.

IMG_20170831_100650Today, Ken Campradt’s Honors Chemistry students and Joe Duffey’s Physics students shared the space. The chemistry students were using different methods to find density, exploring the various tools of measurement available to them that would play key roles in further experiments. The physics students were measuring acceleration, building their conceptual knowledge for more advanced exploration throughout the year.

IMG_20170831_100627Science is popular at Southview. A team of talented teachers work with students across classes ranging from Forensic Science to AP Physics to Environmental Science. Students often double-up in science classes, going far above the minimum requirement. The thirst for hands-on inquiry and the satisfaction that comes from a structured exploration of the world is strong with the cougars. And that means our lab will continue to hum with life.


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