Watch freshmen begin to explore the world in AP European History!

At Southview, we seek to challenge our students every day. Those challenges can involve athletics, intellectual competition, or service. Often, they involve advanced courses, like our 18 AP offerings. This year, we’ve added that challenge to our freshman class with AP European History. For the first time, freshmen will have the opportunity to tackle a college-level course and earn college credit through the AP exam in May. We’ve handed the task of guiding these students through this rewarding experience to social studies teacher Katy Creecy.

On day one, Ms. Creecy was bringing her students into this AP world with an engaging activity: a map matching challenge. In groups, students examined geopolitical maps of Europe that gave all information except dates. The students had to discuss what they saw on the maps (borders, names) and deduce a match to the list of dates Ms. Creecy provided.

The students surprised themselves with their accuracy. Understanding of the basic timeline of the Cold War helped them place a map featuring the Warsaw Pact, for instance. But, of course, they missed some placements as well. The activity left them ready for Ms. Creecy’s instruction, but more than that, it helped them begin the collaborative, critical thinking approach that will define the class for the rest of the year.

In May, we will wish these students the best of luck as they sit for the AP exam!


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